Управление на комплекси от затворен тип

С този тип услуга Ви предлагаме да ни възложите цялостното управление на комплекса, в който живеете. Ние ще се грижим за зелените площи, за хигиената в комплекса, за чистотата около детските площадки.

Ще почистваме общите части във входа и ще водим документацията, съгласно Закона за управление на етажната собственост. Няма да Ви се налага да търсите и да плащате на отделни хора за хигиената, поддържането на тревните площи и воденето на документацията, съгласно Закона за управление на етажната собственост.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every building needs maintenance to extend its exploitation is as long as possible. Assigning this task to a subcontractor company is a way to feel safe while saving both time and money.

It’s estimated that more than 70% of the lifetime of a building is spent for maintenance and management. That is why in moments of economic and financial crisis it is really important to invest in prevention and maintenance.

The services we can provide are separated in a couple of price packages and it is up to you which one you would prefer regarding your requirements and expectations.

Price Package I

This package includes all the basic and most important services such as:

Services according the Condominium Management:

  • Conducting general meetings.
  • Recording and keeping the condominium book.
  • Writing the rules for the condominium and monitoring of its compliance.
  • Recording the decisions taken at the general assemblies.
  • Recording and keeping all the documentation regarding the condominium.
  • Taking the procedure of registration the condominium in the in the municipal register.
  • Meeting the requirements of the fire authorities.
  • Periodic visits to the common parts.
  • Implementing of all the decisions taken at the general assemblies regarding the condominium.

Accounting services – recording the revenues and expenses of the condominium:

  • Collection of taxes for paying the bills of the condominium over electricity, water and other common services.
  • Writing and implementing the budget of the condominium.
  • Paying the bills over electricity, water and other common services.
  • Periodic reports (per month, per 3 months, per 6 months).

Services related to hygiene and maintenance of the common parts:

  • Sweeping the building common areas.
  • Washing the building common areas with detergent chosen according to the type of floor.
  • Drying the building common parts.
  • Wiping the stair railing.
  • Cleaning and washing the windows in the building common areas.
  • Cleaning the cobwebs in the building common areas.
  • Cleaning the elevator.
  • Cleaning the elevator door.
  • Cleaning the front door of the building.
  • Sweeping of paths and sidewalks near the building.
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities with our supplies.
  • Replacement of not working light bulbs in the building common parts (including buying and installation).

Cleaning of the building common areas is made once a week.

Price Package II

This package includes complex maintenance and management services regarding the building. The package consists of the services offered in Price Package I as well as the following services:

Disinsection and pest control – twice a year.

  • Management of the services offered by the internet, cable and mobile operators.
  • Developing and monitoring the implementation of the plan for prophylactics of the facilities /elevator and other technical equipment for common use/.
  • Execution of planned prophylactics of the electricity and sewerage installations in the common places of the building – twice a year /spring and autumn/.
  • Organization of repair works and modernization in the common parts of the building.
  • Execution of cosmetic repair works in the common parts of the building.
  • Snow shoveling in the winter сезон /once a week/.

Services related to the maintenance of the green areas around the building:

  • Cutting the green areas.
  • Watering.
  • Entrenchment.
  • Banding.
  • Fertilization /once every 3 months/.
  • Weeding /if necessary/.
  • Pruning.
  • Planting /if necessary/.
  • Removing the dead plants /if needed/.

The services related to the maintenance of the green areas around the building are executed once a week.

Additional services:

  • Accepting mail.
  • Implementation of cooperation between owners and renters of premises in the building.

Kedron 7 is a company specialized in the maintenance and management of condominiums. For only one year we managed to take the maintenance and management over more than 100 000 sq.m. of buildings.

Our mission is to save your time and efforts by being as efficient as possible.

Our work is to deal with your efforts!